Real Law Review: Manafort Plea Explodes, Attorney Privilege Breached, Pardon?

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In a bombshell report, Paual Manafort, Donald Trump’s former campaign manager, has backed out of a plea agreement he made with special counsel, Robert Mueller (or Mueller is ripping up Manafort’s agreement, not clear which). After Manafort was convicted of a raft of crimes in the Eastern District of Virginia (the jury hung on the rest of the charges), he agreed to a plea agreement in the sister case in DC. In exchange for a lighter sentence, Manfort agreed to cooperate fully with the Mueller team in their ongoing investigation.

But now, Mueller is asserting that Manafort has not cooperated and has repeatedly lied to prosecutors. Manafort breached the plea agreement and now that agreement has exploded. WHAT DOES THIS MEAN?

Today we are going to discuss:

1. What are the immediate repercussions of Manafort backing out of his plea agreement. (Hint: Manafort is going to jail for a long time)

2. What does it mean that Manafort’s lawyers secretly communicated with the Trump attorneys while Manafort cooperated with Mueller? Does that constitute disclosure of attorney/client information? Are Manafort’s communications exposed? Are Trump’s communications exposed? THIS IS INCREDIBLE.

3. Many have argued that Manafort’s behavior can only be explained by his seeking a presidential pardon? Would that help him?

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